About Us

The Mission: Empower every trader from different backgrounds & experience levels to navigate the crypto, securities, and foreign exchange markets. Spice Trades has created a well-oiled machine dedicated to providing the traders with: Spice Algo, and the best trading community in the world, Spice Trades.

How we started: Blake Davis & Brian Gualberto founded Spice Algo on September 18th with the goal to create a group of traders that can efficiently trade the financial markets. In just a few short months, Spice Trades created Spice Algo — which has efficiently destroyed the competition in finding better entries, and better exits on ANY timeframe.

Brian Gualberto
CEO & Co-Founder

A product of San Jose, CA — Brian is the Lead developer of Spice Algo; Co-Founder of Spice Trades LLC. Studied at San Francisco State University, earning his degree in Management Information Systems; with a focus on FinTech. Has ventured into many open source developing projects, and has a nose for operating startups.

Blake Davis

Based out of Richmond, VA — Blake is the Co-Founder of Spice Trades LLC. Graduated with a Business Degree from James Madison University. Lead technical trader of the group with extensive experience in trading multiple markets.